Let’s Be Frank…

Coronavirus sucks. Period, full stop.

Each household and business needs to be able to effectively clean and disinfect to kill viruses, and yet the products needed to do so are not available.

This is our new normal. We understand what you are going through…

The grocery stores are out of bleach, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial wipes, hand soap, paper towels, and many other critical supplies needed to fight viruses. As stores restock, they are only allowing each customer to have 1 or 2 of these virus killing products and they are selling out within minutes.

Even if you have the products you need, you will eventually run out and need to restock at a time where people are fighting for the last bottle of disinfectant spray. The usual grocery store virus killers all have that fatal flaw…they run out.

Would it be wrong to assume that If there was a virus killing solution that was renewable, easy to operate, had a track record of success, and avoided the need to use harsh and harmful chemicals that you would want to know about it?

Mainland China, the location of the outbreak of Coronavirus, is utilizing large UV lights to disinfect hard and soft surfaces. In addition, many Chinese citizens are now utilizing travel size UV light wands to sanitize and disinfect surfaces they touch often. These Far-UVC light wands are safe for humans and pets. With a few batteries, you have a renewable virus and bacteria killing solution.

Metropolitan Strategies can source a variety of hand-held and table top virus killing UVC light solutions:

UV Light Technology in the News

Simply by touching door knobs, television remote, your phone and even your face can put you and your family in danger.  Utilizing UV Light technology, you can decrease the opportunity of bringing bacteria or viruses into your home or office. Watch the videos below for more knowledge on UV Light and bacteria.

Ultraviolet Light Kills 99.9% of surface bacteria

UV light disinfection has specific wavelengths that are particularly effective in destroying viruses and bacteria, while being safe to humans. UVC is that special wavelength that more should use on a daily basis. As more people utilize UV disinfection, a great amount of invisible enemies will be eliminated. Frequent disinfection means that virus cannot live on surfaces for long periods of time. Adding this to proper hygiene, cleaning and hand washing can help you and your family, stay away from bacteria.

The Post COVID-19 Era

Moving forward, sanitary devices and disinfecting and bacteria cleaning materials will be highly desired.  The world saw N95 masks go from $0.10 to over $3.00 per mask. Other items that clean bacteria and viruses will be highly desired in a similar manner.

Next Steps

Metropolitan Strategies is available to discuss these solutions, and others with you at your earliest convenience. Act now. Your grocery store’s next delivery of virus killing chemical based products has disappeared in the time it took for you to read this.

Contact Metropolitan Strategies today.