Are You Getting World Class Quality

For Your Corporate Brand?

According to a 2011 report by international consulting firm McKinsey & Company, 80 percent of American and European clothing companies planned to move their outsourcing from China, where wages had risen, and were considering Vietnam and Bangladesh as the “next hot spots” making it the “next China”offering ‘the lowest price possible’ known as the China Price, the hallmark of China’s incredibly inexpensive, ubiquitous manufacturers, much “dreaded by competitors.”

Metropolitan Imports gives you access to all of the key countries NOW, as well as access to China. Working with multiple partner facilities across Asia gives us the best ability to get the right quality production capacity coupled with the lowest price to ensure your high volume output.

Are you ready to take your products to the global stage?  World class brands like the ones featured below produce their key products through our manufacturing channels.  When our clients produce with Metropolitan Strategies, they will receive the highest quality at competitive prices.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Our strategic partnerships across the Asia-Pacific region allows us to work with a consortium of manufacturing facilities that allow Metropolitan Strategies to always get the right manufacturing partners for your project at the most competitive price-points at the right levels of quality.

Metropolitan Strategies can assist you with all aspects of the manufacturing process.  Our team has the ability to consult with your company from tech-pack blueprints to logistics and shipping.  Metropolitan Strategies will be your strategic partner that will not only help your product quality, but will also enhance your bottom line.