Hat concepts can be produced by our factory partners exactly how our clients envision them. When our clients have a concept for their hat line concepts, Metropolitan Strategies can produce those items with a high volume capacity.  Whether it is a suntan style fashion hat or a baseball cap, contact Metropolitan Strategies for your cap or hat line for mass production.

Home & Business Textiles

Metropolitan Strategies specializes in manufacturing quality home textiles.  Curtains, sheets and towels are a core focus.  Hotels, restaurants and hospitals are a few clients that constantly require a fresh supply of towels and sheets.


North America remains a core market for denim.  Metropolitan Strategies works with clients to manufacture some of the worlds best denim. Do you have denim concepts you need mass produced?

Giorgio Armani once said that, ‘Jeans represent democracy in fashion’, and the industry has since followed his lead and embraced them as a design classic. They are affordable, long-lasting and can be produced in varying degrees of thickness and quality to meet different price-points and are thus an essentially classless as well as timeless piece of apparel.

Leather Goods

Global leather goods industry has many product types such as footwear, bags, purses, wallets, and luggage. Opportunities abound where the bottom line should be addressed first. If you require any leather goods, we can make them to every point of execution. Metropolitan Strategies can outfit your company with a leather creation and procurement strategy that is branded just for your company.

Ready Made Garments

Metropolitan Strategies specializes in importing ready made goods from China, Taiwan, Egypt and Vietnam.

  • The global textile and garment industry (including textile, clothing, footwear and luxury fashion) is currently worth nearly $3,000 trillion.
  • The US is the largest importer of garments in the world.

Do you have clothing concepts ready for mass production to take to the world?


Metropolitan Strategies gives you access to grow your footwear business with access to high level products. Our factory partners produce for some of the top brands in the world. Contact us when you want to take your footwear concepts to market.


Our factory partners specialize in creating high end active wear.   From sportswear to leisure, Metropolitan Strategies is your choice to produce your active wear and your athleisure clothing.

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