A very simple integration that can give your business more intelligence and return on investment, QR Codes.

QR Codes are scannable graphics that can be added to jackets, t-shirts, cups, and packaging surfaces. When a customer scans a QR Code with their mobile phone, they can be linked to the content you deem most important for them to review immediately. QR codes are a great way to grab a customer’s curiosity and to keep their attention on the content you deliver that they want to see the most.

QR Codes are exciting and provide an air of mystery that people feel a need to interact with. Once customers come to expect a great payoff for scanning your QR Codes, the sky is the limit to the types of content and offerings you can direct them to.

Below are just a few ideas on ways to capture the imagination of both fans and staff, and to provide meaningful data analytics that can improve the fan experience, aid in better staff efficiency, and to collect the data your organization needs to make well informed decisions.

Apple Smartphones have QR Code readers embedded in the camera app. Android Smartphones have a QR Code reader app available on Google Play that is easy to install and use.

Enhanced Customer Experience that can drive trackable user response time

Example of QR Code integration on ALSD Conference shirts. Easily scanned by phones that have QR Code software.

Add a QR Code to your organization’s branded T-Shirts, Jackets and other clothing items to link your customers to events, product promotions and discounts.

Link your customers with your social media pages. Your content changes all the time, and the same QR Code can link them to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page to follow it all. Every time they scan the QR Code, they can have a brand-new experience.

With QR Codes, facilitating customer contests, voting events, or sales campaigns is simple and fun. Customers could scan the QR Code embedded in customer or staff shirts in order to participate in your online event. With smart phones increasingly becoming a part of customer experiences, QR Codes provide an enticing and welcomed way to engage and interact.

QR Codes can lead customers to enhanced shopping experiences, which can include gifts, VIP experiences, ticket offerings, merchandise and co-branded luxury experiences.

There are times when an event map, customer service, or other helpful information would be great to have at your fingertips. Add a QR Code to your staff’s shirts that direct customers to a page that has information that can help their experience flow a little easier at your event.

Increased Data Analytics that can guide your future client experience strategy

The reasons are still the same. Curiosity will cause people to scan and people will want deals from the action.

With QR Codes, you can track the performance of your QR Code sales campaigns. You can capture insightful data such as number of scans per minute, hour and day, location coordinates, and much more.

Run an online event where you ask customers for their opinion by voting on something meaningful to them. Offer them a reward for voting that then takes them to a page where they must enter their contact information. Now, you have great insight into the opinions of your clients and an enhanced leads list, while offering your customers something of value (digital coupons, free tickets, merchandise, etc).

QR Codes can behave like a mobile coupon or call to action. Depending on the use case, comfortably is rising.

Digital marketing gained great momentum because of the ability to track performance metrics. Performance of different marketing campaigns can be easily tracked using QR Codes. Marketing campaigns using QR Codes is cost effective, easy to deploy, and much simpler for your customers to engage with. Rather than navigating to your web or social media page, your customers scan a QR Code on their smart phone and they arrive at your content instantly.

Contests at events can generate massive customer participation. A QR Code-based contest could offer a prize to the first 100 people that scan a QR Code. Another contest can offer a major prize to a person selected at random that scans the QR Code and leaves their email address and phone number. A best picture contest could be facilitated by having customer upload their pics to a webpage that your QR Code directs them to.

Everyone Wins with QR Codes

For stadiums, utilizing QR Codes along with AR(Augmented Reality) has tremendous possibilities

QR Codes are fun for the customer and provide organizations with an incredible sales and engagement tool. They are inexpensive to add to clothing, and customers use their smart phones to link to the content you want to drive them to most.

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