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Metropolitan Strategies is utilizing its factory relationships to assist in the current challenge and provide solutions that work. To face the pandemic, we have collected our top factory partners together to provide resource options for many different items that are in need at this time. Necessary PPE for COVID-19 includes eye protection, isolation gowns, surgical masks, and N95 respirators.


Hand Sanitizer 

Protective Clothing 

No-touch Thermometer 

UV Technology 

Face Shield + Glasses 

Shipping Options 

Our factory partners can provide shipping options from traditional vessel time as well as DHL as a fast trusted air freight option.  Whatever way that you decide to ship, we help to manage the merchandise going from manufacturing to shipping to final destination.

Fast Shipping
3-5 days via DHL plane.  

Slower Shipping
30-35 days via cargo ship.

Nothing will ever be the same. The world has officially changed.  

Future of UV Technology and Sanitization

UV light has been used for decades in water and air purification, and used in laboratories. Combining them with autonomous robots for large venue uv sanitation is a recent development.  From Personal Sanitizing wands to autonomous robots, Metropolitan Strategies is your source for UVC technology manufacturing.

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