When you are ready to produce at high levels
we can walk you through the process from tech pack to shipping.

Stages Of Production

Product Inquiry

We have various factory partners at our disposal globally. These factories are ready to bring clients high end manufacturing at well negotiated pricing. When clients approach us about manufacturing a certain product, we find the best manufacturer between our key factory partners. Every factory has a set capacity and a minimum purchase order, as well as available technology to increase productivity.

Our factory partners generally take large scale orders. These factories give us comparatively low minimum order quotes, as opposed to smaller factories.  The factories that we work with are determined by the quantity and quality of the products that we provide.


Pricing is determined by the labor costs, materials used, and quantity produced. Unit price is determined either by weight(kg) or per piece. We request either a live sample or a spec sheet from the client. If the client does not have either asset, our team can provide a spec sheet for him/her at a cost. The live sample or the spec sheet will then be sent to the manufacturer to examine and estimate their quote. Once we have received the quote, we will adjust for inflation, import and labor costs.  We will then negotiate the price with the buyer until we have reached an agreement, or cease negotiations based on their decision. When the price is approved, the sample process will begin.


The sample process may be short or prolonged depending on the standards and satisfaction of the client. Prototypes will be exchanged until the initial production begins. When the factory has completed a final approved prototype, our team will give each product a special item number for future orders.


Once production begins, full transparency of the whole process from initial production to final production will be communicated along with daily updates on the status.  Mass production on this professional scale comes with quality assurance measures that will ensure nothing but the best outcome in manufacturing.


Shipping logistics factor into the bottom line.  Our clients get shipping arranged by our team and it is a pass through cost.  Clients get to chose their way that they want to ship their finished goods. Your customer does not see the journey, but you know what it takes.  Metropolitan Strategies works to facilitate the logistics to get the product to you how you want it.

With our South Florida base, we are well suited to serve the United States as well as South America and the Caribbean Islands

“More than $153 billion of merchandise trade value flows through Florida’s airports and seaports each year, solidifying Florida’s status as one of the world’s leaders in international trade”